R.A 9266 The Architecture Act of 2004

19 Jan

This is the logo I saw when I read a blog about the RA 9266: The Architecture Act of 2004. The usual logo of United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), with white background, now has a black one. After the Court of Appeals revised their decision about Civil Engineers signing Architectural Drawing & Plans. This, made my spirit down.

Yes. I am an Architecture student, just in my first year. And maybe you’re wondering why this has affected me this much. Why? Simply because my dream is to be an Architect. A full-fledged Architect. An Architect who does things that an Architect must do. That’s why I’m doing my very best to do in class. But this? It just blew my dream away. ‘Cause even though I finish my degree, it’s just like useless. ‘Cause somebody else can do my job, the job that I studied for years.

I have nothing against Civil Engineers. I respect them. I remember when my professor answered the question, “Why are we in the campus of Engineering?”. He said, “‘Cause a good plan is being prepared by an Architect AND an Engineer.” So I really can’t understand why PICE filed a bill like this. If they’re about the expense of having an Architect as a buddy, then why should people hire an Engineer if they can just rely to their ideas and what-they-know? We hire professionals so that we can be sure of the things we want to happen. We trust these professionals because we know that they worked hard just to reach what they’ve already reached. And we, Architecture students, are in this process.

I do believe that implementing this bill is also like erasing the course Bachelor of Science in Architecture. How come? Why would students suffer from sleepless nights doing plates, passing requirements of demanding minor subjects, taking years to be an apprentice, buying these expensive drafting tools, etc., if someone will just take their job in a split second? It’s like studying hard for an exam that is not recorded. It’s not a joke to take BS Architecture, no wonder why Guinness Book of World Records recognized Architecture as the hardest course. See? Why can’t we just appreciate the efforts that one gives.

Dear Philippine Government, please be considerate. If this would be the case, you should have not let this country to have a course like this. Think of us students who’s taking this degree. We know that you’re educated people, so you must understand us. This is not about practicality anymore, its being selfish and unfair. But to make this lighter, can you also approve a bill that says Architects can sign Structural Plans and other plans that a Civil Engineer prepares? Just to be fair.


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4 responses to “R.A 9266 The Architecture Act of 2004


    19/01/2012 at 9:06 PM

    your blog name says it all. stay inspired at all times. don’t lose hope. continue what your are doing and be the best you can be as you pursue your dream. UAP will surely fight for Architects and future Architects rights. things will be better. 🙂

    • stayinspiredatalltimes

      21/01/2012 at 9:21 AM

      Hindi naman po talaga pababayaan ng UAP ang mga architects and aspiring architects. Kasi alam nila yung mga difficulties na hinarap/hinaharap ng mga professionals and students. And I will stay on my ground. :))

  2. don

    22/01/2012 at 12:34 PM

    iha wag ka malungkot be proud .d2 me ngaun nagwoowrk sa dubai as architect 6 years na ko d2 at napatunayan ko kung gaano kahalaga ang arkiteto hindi lng pala sa pilipinas maging d2 sa middle east..mahalaga talaga ay makuha mo ang titulong architect yang ang malaking pagkakaiba sa mga CE ang pangalang yan ……kahit baliktarin man natin architect parin ang kinikilala ng client as a prime designer hindi ang CE..kaya useless din sa kanila yang desisyon ng court appeal ….be proud to be an architect….

    • stayinspiredatalltimes

      23/01/2012 at 3:05 AM

      Yun na nga po eh. Alam ko po kung gaano pinapahalagahan ng ibang bansa ang mga architects. Kaya masama lang ang loob ko sa government dito sa Pilipinas dahil sa desisyon nila. Kahit naman po nasa client ang desisyon, iba parin kasi yung architects LANG ang may karapatan. I’m proud to be an Architecture student kasi mahirap naman po talaga ang course namin kaya nga everytime may natatapos na plate, fulfilling sa pakiramdam. I will stay on my ground. Thanks po for reading my blog. 🙂


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