STOP generalizing. Please. It degrades everybody!

20 Jan

When I woke up sleep last night and found out about the RA 9266, I started reading blogs and articles about it. One thing that I can’t forget is a comment from an unknown person who said…

These architects deserve this. They’re greedy and they abuse their draftsmen.

The nerves! Who’s he to say this? How can he degrade Architects in such a manner? Making such a general statement like Architects are bad people. This got me so much and I really can’t understand how he can post this publicly. No wonder why it was just an anonymous account.

This statement hurts. Though I’m just an aspirant, it degrades me. Not just me, but also the other students and most specially, the Architects. What if other people who are narrow-minded keep on thinking this and made this his impression about Architects? Its hurts a lot when someone thinks of you the wrong way even though you’ve done nothing.

This is what I hate about generalization. Even though you’re not guilty, you still feel like you do. I know there are some Architects who are like this. Let’s face the reality. But not just Architects. There are also greedy and abusive Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers, and etc. Even the smallest kind of profession has one. It just depends on the behavior of an individual. But take note, the people who can be like this are the ones who are on the top. So how about those who’s just starting with their respective professions? Being accused through generalization is so degrading.

And about that statement above, I have one thing to say.

If all Architects are like that, Bicol University Department of Architecture won’t be called BU Arki FAMILY.



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